How Does the Auto Retweet Thing on Twitter Work?


Retweet (RT): a retweet is what you do on Twitter when you want to share what someone else has said. When someone retweets what you say/tweet it’s usually a compliment to you, it means they like what you had to say, think what you say is useful or think others might be interested in what you said. It’s nice to thank people who retweet your stuff. Being retweeted makes people feel listened to, acknowledged and appreciated.

Here is a more official definition/explanation of a retweet by

Retweet: Abbreviated as RT, Retweet is used on the Twitter Web site
(a free social messaging tool), to show you are tweeting content that has been posted by another user.

I don’t know about you but I always forget to check the Twitter automatic retweet thing. I usually tweet from TweetDeck so if someone retweets using the auto-RT thing I don’t even know my tweet has been re-tweeted.

I’m talking about the retweet link you see when you hover your mouse over the right bottom corner of a tweet. (image of Twitter feed from @fun_master’s tweet stream)

If you log on to your account from, on the right you will see the word Retweets (located under the words:  Home, @username, Direct Messages, Favorites). Click on Retweets.

Now you will see 3 tabs: Retweets By Others, Retweets By You, Your Tweets, Retweeted. Click on the tab Your Tweets, Retweeted. SURPRISE people have been retweeting your tweets and you may have never known! You can tell who has retweeted your tweet by looking at or clicking on the little picture below the retweet. If you are one of the people who has retweeted my tweets and I have not thanked you, well now you know why. 🙂

If you are not a Twitter user please ignore this post, I know I totally overused the words tweet and retweet. WAIT if you are not using Twitter WHY are you not on Twitter? Especially if you are an entrepreneur or business owner you really should be on Twitter! How else are you going to interact with your clients and potential clients? What if people are talking about you or your business on Twitter? Don’t you want to be part of the conversation?

Okay I digressed… If you want to know who is retweeting your tweets using the auto-RT thingy then follow the steps above.

Happy Tweeting!

One thought on “How Does the Auto Retweet Thing on Twitter Work?

  1. Justin

    Pardon me while I mount my soapbox.

    I hate that “feature” with a passion. There was nothing wrong with the “old” way of doing it – it was a case of a company fixing something that wasn’t broke.

    I swear, there are times I’m tempted to unfollow people who use it, just so I won’t have the annoyance of trying to figure out why I have double tweets in my timeline (b/c they retweeted someone I’m following, and the distinction between tweet and “new” retweets is obscure) or tweets from people I don’t know (for the same reason). The whole thing just raises my blood pressure. 🙁

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