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Hi, my name is Sally and I have a new obsession. It’s called FourSquare, the newest kid on the block in the social media neighborhood. Okay, maybe not the newest but one of the newer kids. It’s already been around for a year.

Next Friday, April 16th Pacific Catch in San Francisco is having a FourSquare Swarm Party!

The Bay Area “checks-in” on Foursquare Day

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – April 6, 2010, Pacific Catch announced that on April 16th, its 9th Avenue restaurant will host what will be the largest “Foursquare Day Swarm Badge” event in the Bay Area.

The Pacific Catch 9th Avenue location in the Inner Sunset, known for its fresh, cravable seafood, full bar and happy hour, will be the place for social media mavens and tipsters to “check-in” on April 16th to obtain the much coveted Foursquare “Swarm Badge.” Food and drink specials will take place from 4:00 pm till 7:00 pm with a live check in via Skype at 6:00 pm, with Foursquare Day creator, Nate Bonilla-Warford in Tampa.

What is Foursquare?
Foursquare is a mobile, location sharing, social media tool, in which users earn points as they check in at venues they visit during the day, with an option to broadcast their location to friends via Twitter, to let others join them there.

Foursquare is half scavenger hunt, half flash mob, as users compete by earning points and badges depending on the frequency, the locations and the types of venues at which they check in. For example, the most frequent visitor to check in at any given venue is awarded the “mayor” badge of that location. The “Swarm Badge”, is awarded to a group when 50 people “check-in” at the same location within a three-hour time-frame.

How can you be a part of Foursquare Day?
RSVP here, tweet about it and bring your friends. It’s that easy!

Check out other Foursquare Day events going on around the world.

Foursquare Day Facebook page:

Follow on Twitter: #4sqday

Connect with Pacific Catch on Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and You Tube.

For more information, contact Chamin Mills at

Some of the Marin TweetUp gang is thinking about carpooling in to the city for the event. If I can swing it I will be there too!

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