Happy FourSquare Day


I have big plans to get my FourSquare swarm badge today! I’m going to my old neighborhood in San Francisco (yes I was a city girl at one point) to Pacific Catch on 9th Avenue.

This Pacific Catch is located right by Golden Gate Park. I plan to get there early and take a stroll through the park like I used to. I love Golden Gate Park! It has a little bit of everything: a museum, botanical gardens, the California Academy of Sciences, the Conservatory of Flowers, trails, soccer, frisbee & football fields, picnic areas, play structures, the Japanese Tea Garden, a lake with boat rentals, and so much more. On Sundays they even close the streets for pedestrians, bikes and roller blades. I used to love roller blading in the park! Wish I still had my roller blades.

I remember roller blading on a Sunday in 1995 when there was a memorial going on for Jerry Garcia. Right as the memorial was ending I skated by quietly. Since I was distracted looking at all the deadheads, I was not paying attention to the ground and rolled in to a pothole and did a face plant! Yep, there I was face first on the asphalt right in front of Jerry Garcia’s memorial. People looked at me and said, “dude face plant” but nobody asked if I was okay.  🙁

Of course I was okay except a few scratches on my face and my very bruised ego.

I’m off to San Francisco now to get my FourSquare swarm badge! Hopefully I won’t do a face plant this time.

Photo taken by flickr user battyward

I wonder what Jerry Garcia would think of FourSquare?

Happy FourSquare Day!

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