IVAA Summit Rocked!


This past week I attended the IVAA Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. IVAA stands for International Virtual Assistant Association. Even though I am no longer offering Virtual Assistant (VA) services I still attended for two reasons: 1. I was speaking at the conference; 2. To see many of my VA colleagues whose friendship and support brought me (and my business) to where I am today (my virtual friends).

The name of my presentation was Is Your Business THRIVING, or Just Surviving? I presented with Yvonne Weld. Yvonne and I co-authored a book a few years ago titled Managing Your Thriving Business For Success.

I want to give a big shout out to Yvonne Weld. Without Yvonne our presentation would have never happened. Yvonne was the one who took all of our scribbled  notes and put them in to a beautifully organized power point presentation. Five minutes before our talk Yvonne said, “where are your notes?”. At this point my heart sank… oops I did not print my notes. Thank goodness Yvonne was there with her notes that she let me borrow a few times throughout the talk.  Yvonne was great in front of the crowd, she knows her stuff. I also want to thank all the wonderful VAs who came to listen to our talk. It’s a little intimidating when you know you are standing in front of the top VAs in the industry. You all rock and I sincerely appreciate your support!

The gist of our talk was about finding your passion again. Do what you love! We addressed burn out, talked about trying to find work/life balance when working from home, exposed the myths of passive income (income is not passive – there is no free lunch!),  discussed how running a multi-VA business does not always equal a six-figure business, and discussed the importance of setting goals, keeping your eye on the goal and finding an accountability partner or coach. Thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion and shared their real stories.

Thank you to the summit committee for your seamless organization of the whole event. The food was fantastic, the venue was great, the schedule flowed, and the presenters were inspiring. You women are superstars!

If you are an overworked business owner or entrepreneur who wants to take your business to the next level… you may want to consider hiring a VA. It will change your life! I know a few Virtual Assistant Rock Stars if you need any referrals.

PS. I just have to say I loved the Twitter backchannel going on during #IVAA10. Thanks for all the supportive tweets during our talk especially @CandyTX because Candy always tells it like it is… I’m so thankful I got the Candy seal of approval. It’s a legit one. Thanks Candy! 😉

And now I am getting prepared to attend the Social Media Success Summit. I can’t wait!

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6 thoughts on “IVAA Summit Rocked!

  1. Candy Beauchamp

    You know if you had sucked, I totally would have said so. You and Yvonne rocked it – should have been a general session, IMHO. You see I was good and refrained from any paper throwing during your talk. That was kinda hard.

  2. Patty


    You and Yvonne were completely awesome! I really enjoyed your presentation and learned from it. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the two of you.


  3. Lanel

    I have to agree with Candy & Patty — your talk ROCKED! Probably one of the best I heard the entire summit.

    You definitely hit home with your talk on goals. I realized a lot during your talk — it hadn’t quite hit me before that I need to make new goals because I’ve just achieved the one BIG goal that I’ve been working towards for many years. Thanks! I’ve been floundering and you guys really helped!

  4. Yvonne Weld

    Thanks Sally I definitely feel the love and loved working with you on this presentation. I am so glad that everyone got a lot of information and learned some things from our presentation. I am happy to say that I even walked away with something from this presentation. As I was talking to each of you I too had my “ah ha” moment!!

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