I went to The Library while I was in Arizona


Last week I was in Phoenix, Arizona attending the IVAA conference. On the last day my friend Yvonne and I and our new friends Janet and Mike decided to play hooky and go out on the town. For a whole $1.75 we had transportation for the day thanks to Mike who knew about the awesome light rail public transportation system that Phoenix has to offer. Our first stop off the rail was the Hard Rock Café to get a t-shirt for Jan but of course when I saw they had a purple blingy one I also had to get myself a t-shirt. We then headed to Alice Cooper’s restaurant Cooper’sTown and had very large glasses of lemonade.

After drinking our very large glasses of lemonade we headed back to the train and made our way to Tempe.  Yvonne was on a mission to see a desert and a cactus. I was going with the flow. When we arrived in Tempe there just happened to be a little mountain or desert hill in the middle of the town and it had cactus on it! It was called the Hayden Butte Preserve. Yvonne and I asked Jan and Mike if they were up for a hike. Being the easy going fun people they are they said sure! Off we went, me in my flip flops, Yvonne in her semi-high heeled flip flops and up the trail we went.  I’m so glad we were the adventurers that we were! The view from the top of that desert mountain hill was beautiful! (Please note I am the short one in this picture for some reason ALL of my virtual friends have the idea I am tall. I’m not.)

After our desert hike I was craving a beer. Mike said let’s get one then. (My kinda guy!) We strolled in to town to find a plethora of pubs. We had pub choices! We decided upon the one called The Library (being on a business trip and playing hooky it seemed appropriate). The place was great! The walls were lined with nice old books. It made us feel smart. I got my cold beer and was very pleased. I also had a chicken caeser salad that was huge and quite delicious. I’m thinking this could be my new office.

The waitress uniforms were… well let’s just say I wouldn’t work there. Seriously how do businesses get away with this kind of dress requirement? I guess because the women put up with it… You can take a look for yourself here.

The Library Bar & Grill
501 South Mill Avenue, Suite 101
Tempe, Arizona 85281

3 thoughts on “I went to The Library while I was in Arizona

  1. Janet Janowiak

    That was one of the best times I have ever had playing hooky! And, we can give ourselves some slack because, after all, it was a learning experience.

    Things we learned:
    1. It is cheap to travel the Phoenix area
    2. Sally loves purple bling
    3. Alice Cooper is never dehydrated
    4. Butte is another word for “you’ll need a beer at the end”
    5. The Library teaches a course in “Animal Magnetism” and “Fashion Faux Pas of the Catholic High School”
    6. Always listen to Yvonne when looking for a ride

  2. Yvonne Weld

    Okay the last comment made me laugh right out loud!! It was an awesome day and definitely one I will never ever forget. I am so glad I got to enjoy the day with the 3 of you as I couldn’t have picked better travel mates.

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