Lots of smiles at Thai Smile today


We had an informal mini TweetUp at Thai Smile in San Rafael today. A few weeks ago some of us started talking about Thai Smile on Twitter and decided we should have lunch there. Somehow that turned in to lunch for 11 or 12 not sure just know we were squished around a table for 8. J It’s all good! I love my Twitter friends.

This was a lunch full of Marin’s Powerful Women! I was honored to be sitting with all these fun and inspirational women! Look who came out to have lunch with us: Nancy of @ATOMsanRafel, Diane of @dianefischler, Lissa of @LissaRankin, Tara of @TaraFirmaFarms, Lisa of @LisaKiftTherapy, Peggy of @PoButler, Hannah of @momntwins, Cathy of @CurtisFinancial (who came all the way from the East Bay to join us), Marilyn of @Fun_Master, Michelle of @DrMichelleXO, if I forgot someone please shoot me now. 🙁

@SFDoug heard us talking about our plans on Twitter and asked if lunch was for women only. We said of course not and invited him. So Doug was the lucky guy who won the Player badge on FourSquare for checking in with 3 or more people of the opposite sex at the same time. Doug you owe us a drink for or something. Maybe at Rick’s Wine Cellar

It was great fun! Thanks everyone for coming out! The food was delicious and affordable.

Here are some of our Thai smiles.

Where's Doug?

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