More Smiles from People Who Tweet and Like to Eat


We had another TweetUp lunch at Thai Smile today (long story why we went to Thai Smile twice in a row but hey it’s good and cheap… $10 each).  I had the Pad See–ew Stir-fried flat-rice noodles with Chinese broccoli in garlic bean sauce. Yummy! (Thank you @WhatsCooking for the suggestion!)

Not sure what to call our group that is forming. The Twitter Ladies, The Women of Twitter, The Marin Mafia Mom’s & Co, Twitter Lunch Ladies and Occasional Man, People who Tweet & Like to Eat <– oh I like this one!

We had a new guest man today: Mike Wolpert. We met Mike thanks to FourSquare. Peggy & Hannah have been competing to be Mayor of Café Gratitude and for quite some time have been stealing the mayorship back and forth from each other and then out of nowhere last week this guy named Mike Wolpert steps in and takes over mayorship. The Marin Ladies of Twitter Who Tweet & Like to Eat while checking in at FourSquare were up in arms that their mayorship had been taken by this stranger! So we did what we do best and stalked him on Twitter.

So today the People Who Tweet & Like to Eat met at Thai Smile again but it was a semi-different crowd this time. We had @PoButler, @Fun_Master, @MomnTwins, @Sally_K, @WorkFromWithin, @DianeFischler, @WhatsCooking, @MikeWolpert and a non-Tweeting friend of Hannah & Peggy named Becky who @momntwins (Hannah) tricked in to coming (I think she is trying to convert her in to being a Twitter addict).  Becky was nice enough to take this photo of us!

The People Who Tweet & Like to Eat are planning to go to Pacific Catch in Corte Madera next Wednesday, 5/12 at 1:00pm. I heard the Pacific Catch in Corte Madera was the best location out of all the Pacific Catch’s around. If you are in the neighborhood please feel free to join us for lunch!

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