Twitter Tribe Goes to Vin Antico in San Rafael


This past week the Marin Twitter Tribe (aka Marin Mafia Moms, Marin Lunch Bunch, People who Tweet and like to Eat) descended upon Vin Antico in San Rafael.

I have to admit, I had never heard of Vin Antico before Twitter. Thanks to Twitter I discovered this wonderful little gem in downtown San Rafael.

Vin Antico uses local, mostly organic food. They cure their own meat and make their pasta by hand.

I was impressed with the turnout of our lunch group on this very rainy day. I told the restaurant to expect 10-12 people, we ended up with 18! For many of us this was our first time at Vin Antico (example of how the power of social media brings new customers to restaurants). I heard many people (including myself) say they would be back!

Thanks Vin Antico and Chef Justine for the wonderful food and the great experience!

If you are a restaurant that would like 10-20 paying customers to come dine at your place, 10-20 customers who will offer FREE amazing word of mouth advertisement about your establishment to thousands of people via social networking then contact me (@Sally_K) to coordinate a TweetUp at your place (and maybe even offer me a complimentary drink or gift card… Thank You’s go a LONG way with me. Hint Hint). ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hello! Did you read that? 10-20 paying customers who are going to be your evangelists! What more could you ask for? I seriously do not understand why there are still restaurants who are not tapping in to the power of social media to connect with their customers and future customers. If you’re not sure how to do that, I can help you.

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