How to Use Social Media for Restaurants


Social Media for Restaurants
By Guest Blogger: Bethany North

As a restaurant in a local area, you may have a difficult time making your mark if you are competing with the big chains out there. Even if you do happen to be a big chain restaurant, there is no such thing as too many customers, which is why it is important to make social media work for you as a restaurant, whether you are big or small.

  1. Facebook: Start out by setting up a Facebook account so that you can keep people updated about events in your restaurant, specials, discounts, and even happy hour. This is the best way to get people involved because they do want to know what is going on locally, but they don’t want to have to search for it. The way that this works is that your friends will friend your Facebook page for your restaurant, which will in turn be quickly circulated to their social circles. Genius.
  2. Submit to Directories: Whether you submit to a paid or free directory, directories are a big deal when it comes to social media. This is where people go for local reviews and information, so if you don’t take the time to submit your restaurant, you may be overlooked in favor of your competitors.
  3. Twitter: Twitter will work the same way as Facebook where people can follow you to find out the latest happenings when it comes to your restaurant. This is the quickest way to tell people to make reservations in time for Mother’s Day, about your new menu for Valentine’s Day, or anything of the like.
  4. Encourage Your Customers to Visit You Online: After you have set up all of your social media profiles for your restaurant, don’t stop there! You must include your Facebook page and Twitter profile on your restaurant business cards or website so that people are encouraged to follow you. If they don’t know that you have social media profiles, they won’t search for you. However, if you are easy to find online, you better believe that people will follow you to stay aware of your happenings and come in as potential customers.

Social media is much simpler than it seems for a restaurant, but you do need to put yourself out there so that your customer base can find you online!

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One thought on “How to Use Social Media for Restaurants

  1. Nelson Wee

    Hi Sally,

    Great post and tips! It’s amazing how every business is waking up to the needs to connecting to customers – prospects and existing base more than ever.

    I would also add – join Foursquare or similar Geo-Location Offers (this may be akin to what you mention about submitting to Directories).

    There is also a recent #appideas tweet about
    “RT @dougw: Is there a twitter account that tweets @foursquare trends in the city? #appideas”

    Now how neat is that? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Look forward to more of your excellent posts!

    best regards,
    Nelson Wee

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