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This week my bro-in-law came to town for a few very short hours. I wanted to show him some of my local favorites so I first took him to Café Flore on the corner of Market & Noe (in the Castro area). I love Café Flore! Café Flore is located right in the heart of San Francisco but their garden patio makes you forgot you are in the middle of a big city. It’s also great for people watching. Every night they have a different Happy Hour special.

We had Sangria. Café Flore makes great Sangria!

It seems Wednesday nights (during the summer) are Farmer’s Market night right there on Noe.

After our drinks we wandered a bit through the Farmer’s Market and then headed to La Mediterranee, an authentic Mediterranean restaurant with really good food and friendly service.

We decided to order the Mediterranean Meza (for 2 or more people) $15.95 a person “an assortment of 10 house specialties and appetizers including Lule Kabob, Chicken Pomegrante (my favorite), Spinach & Chicken Fillos, Dolma, Hummos, Baba Ganoush, Tabuleh and much more”. We first started out with the special salad which was a watermelon, beet salad with walnuts and a special cheese (i can’t remember if it was goat or feta but it was good!). The watermelons were surprisingly tasty mixed in with the beets. All of the food was amazing!

Our waitress was great! I asked her what her name was and it turns out her name is Sally! I got overly excited about this fact because I don’t usually meet anyone named Sally unless they are 90 or older. This Sally looked my age or younger so I asked her if I could take my picture with her.

After dinner we headed to Japan down because another friend with her 2 young boys was in town and staying at the Hotel Tomo, a hotel I’d never heard of but was super impressed by. If you are looking for a cool place to stay in San Francisco definitely check out Hotel Tomo. It’s actually a Best Western Hotel that has been recently renovated. Hotel Tomo is inspired by Japanese pop-culture. There is a big giant bed looking thing in the lobby facing 3 televisions. Anime murals on the walls, the doors of the rooms are all different colors, and there are glow-in-the-dark desk blotters in each guest room and the place is very clean and inviting.

Here is how the  Website describes Hotel Tomo:

It’s fun! Our bright, whimsical rooms are perfect for families with kids, or the young at heart. Our gaming suites come equipped with PlayStation 3, Wii, bean bag chairs, and a 6-foot LCD projection screen.

One of a kind design – If you’re into J-pop, comics and anime you’ll love Hotel Tomo.

After checking out the cool hotel we headed back over the Golden Gate Bridge to home. It was a beautiful summer night in the city!

Cafe Flore is located on the corner of Market and Noe. La Mediterranee is across the street on Noe. Both in the Castro district of San Francisco. Hotel Tomo is on Sutter near Webster in the Japan Town area.

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  1. Sally

    Hi Sally!

    It was great to meet you and your bro-n-law last night! You guys were a blast. Come see us next time you’re in town. We can have a “Sally” reunion. I think we need a secret handshake. 🙂

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