Good Wine Paired with Good People is a Great Combination


Last night I found myself at a Pinot Noir wine tasting event. You may have noticed talking wine is not my specialty. In an effort to live up to the mission of this blog I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go to this Pinot Noir TweetUp tasting. Mention the words Twitter or TweetUp in anything and I’m there. 😉

The event was held at Rick’s Wine Cellar in Corte Madera. It seems last night was a national Pinot Noir Twitter tasting event. People across the country drank Pinot Noir at the same time and discussed it live via Twitter using the hashtag #pinotnoir.  Our event had the special added twist of trying the new glasses made by Andrea Robinson, The One glasses.

When I arrived at Rick’s Wine Cellar I was greeted by the bartender who asked if I was there for the Twitter event. She showed me to the back room where the event was happening. This room had a lovely table and chairs set up with a big plate of cheese and wine glasses on the table. The walls were filled with selections of fine wine.

The first guest to arrive besides Alana (@girlwithaglass) and I, were Doug (@sfdoug) and Jason (@Jasonswineblog). At this point I knew I was already in over my head. Here I was getting ready for a wine tasting with 3 wine experts. Rick, the owner (@rickswinecellar) asked if we were ready to start the tasting. He brought out 3 mystery glasses. He asked us to try each glass and to then guess where the grapes were from, what year the wine was and who the winemaker was. I’m thinking to myself yeah right. I wouldn’t have even known it was Pinot Noir if they hadn’t told me. One by one my 3 wine expert friends made their guesses on Bottle #1. Bottle #1, Bottle #2 and Bottle #3 made me think of The Dating Game: Bachelor #1, Bachelor #2 and Bachelor #3.

As you can see my head was not in the same place as my 3 new friends. While they were swirling the wine around, smelling the bouquet, twisting and turning the glass and talking about the taste… well, I was visualizing the 3 bottles sitting behind the wall on The Dating Game. When Rick got to me I said, “I plead ignorance”. Rick gave me a free ignorance pass on the first round but after that he forced encouraged me to play along. Of course, I never guessed anything right but my 3 wine expert friends were pretty far off in their guesses too so I didn’t feel so bad. 😉

We tasted, we guessed, we talked wine. Alana was so sweet, she took the time to answer my questions about the wine and the tasting in English (ie. not in Wine language). I actually enjoyed myself and did not feel like a big dufus. Rick the owner was awesome; he took the time to sit down and explain to Nancy, Mike (@ATOMsanRafael) and I how important it is to match the right glass with the right wine. I’d heard this before but didn’t really believe it. Rick had us try the same wine in 3 different glasses, and you know what? It did taste and smell different! Nancy actually went home with some new @AndreaWine glasses.

Alana who is an expert at pairing food and wine taught me all about how different cheeses work with different wines. The food you eat can change your wine tasting experience.

I learned a fun little insider tip for Marinites. If you purchase your bottle of wine at Rick’s Wine Cellar and bring it to many of the local Marin restaurants and show them it is from Rick’s Wine Cellar, the restaurant will not charge you a corkage fee. Pacific Catch in Corte Madera is one of these restaurants. The full list of restaurants that offer free corkage of Rick’s Wine Cellar wine is on the Website:

Even though I’m more of a beer or champagne girl I really enjoyed the Pinot Noir Twitter Tasting last night. I learned that good wine paired with good people is a great combination!

7 thoughts on “Good Wine Paired with Good People is a Great Combination

  1. jason

    Enjoyed the writeup. I was wondering what you were thinking over there and now I know! The dating game is a good analogy, especially with the unvieling. I think my favorite part besides meeting you all was the stories Rick shared with each of the wines…

    And for all you Marin readers out there be sure to take advantage of the free corkage deal at Rick’s. Buying a $40 bottle there and taking it to Lark Creek gets you a great bottle of wine! Spending the same at the restaurant, not so much…

  2. Sally Post author

    I was thinking now would be a good time for me to listen more and talk less. So that is what I did I listened to you all and tried my best to absorb the knowledge. I also really enjoyed hearing Rick’s stories and loved how welcoming he was even to a newbie like myself.

  3. Alana Gentry

    Love that you wrote this up from your perspective. Now I know that you like bubbly, that will be our next tasting together. Oh…thinking about food pairings for bubbly makes my mouth water…

    Looking forward to attending your tweetups so I can learn more about the tricks you showed me about using twitter & social media, & meet new friends. Cheers!

  4. Sally Post author

    Thanks Alana! I’d love to have you at one of our TweetUps and I’d also love to drink bubbly and pair food with you anytime! Thanks so much for making the wine tasting experience fun. You have great energy.

    Sam – LOL I hope you think of me next time you do a blind tasting. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog even though I’m not a wino. 😉

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