Thai Food in Fairfax and Why I love Fairfax


If you are looking for some good Thai Food in Fairfax I highly recommend Siam Lotus.  I’ve been there many times and can’t believe I have not blogged about it yet. The food is great and so is the service. We had a friend visiting from out of town so we took her to Fairfax in search of better weather. (It was foggy here in Southern Marin – surprise, surprise.) She introduced us to a new dish: Mus-sa-mun curry sauce cooked in coconut milk with peanuts, potatoes and carrots. We also ordered Pad Thai and Pad-Hed-Ruam – Sautéed chicken with shiitake mushrooms, eggplant and snow peas in a spicy garlic sauce topped with crispy basil.

I love Fairfax! It is my favorite town in Marin. Fairfax still has the original Marin feel. Fairfax is full of cool, fun and interesting people. Fairfax is also the first town in Marin to ban plastic bags. Fairfax is a town that leads to many great hiking and mountain biking trails. It’s also the place to find night life in Marin. If you want to go out after 9pm Fairfax is the place for live music and dancing.

This is quickly turning into a post on why I love Fairfax. Just go to Fairfax and see for yourself. It’s a very cool town.

If you are craving some Thai food be sure to check out Siam Lotus. Also you must try a tiny little ice cream store called Fairfax Scoop. Everybody loves Scoop. But be prepared to wait in a long line if it is hot out. The place is tiny!

I lived in Fairfax when I first moved to Marin. I still miss that place!

*Photo borrowed from the Siam Lotus Website.

Siam Lotus
25 Broadway Blvd, Fairfax, CA

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