Fourth Street in Berkeley Fun


Today Marilyn (aka @fun_master) and I took a field trip out of Marin and in to Berkeley. It’s funny how the Bay Area works, to get from one county to the next you often have to drive over a bridge. Many of us seem to get stuck on our own sides of the bridge. We get comfortable where we are. Marin people stay in Marin, The City people stay in The City, and the East Bay people stay in the East Bay.  So whenever we want to see one of our friends, who happen to live on the other side of the bridge we tend to make a big ordeal out of it. We plan ahead; we act like we’re heading to some faraway place; we grab our GPS and make sure we have our Fastrak in place or enough money to cover the bridge toll.

Thanks to Twitter, Marilyn and I headed over the bridge. We wanted to have lunch with our Twitter friend Marjorie (aka @Boomerbabecoach). We met Marjorie thanks to Twitter. She actually came to one of our past TweetUps at Pacific Catch (which means she had to cross a bridge to come to a TweetUp – now that is dedication!). We agreed to meet at a central place Berkeley. We met at Fourth Street in Berkeley. Marilyn & Marjorie chose Café M. FYI – Café M’s address is on Fourth Street but it is technically on Fifth Street. Café M has really nice outside seating but today was another chilly Bay Area day so we sat inside.

For lunch, I had the Spinach Salad with Salmon on top.  It was yummy. It was fun spending time with Marjorie in person, getting to know her better and being able to talk with her in more than 140 characters. After lunch we strolled around Fourth Street. We found a store full of sparkles, Jest Jewels. Sparkles and bling are the thing Marjorie, Marilyn and I have in common. We’re the sparkle sisters. We like sparkly things. We had fun poking around Jest Jewels looking at all the sparkles.

Every time I cross over one of the bridges I always say to myself, “Why don’t I do this more often? I love it here!”

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