Thai Food in San Anselmo


I love Thai food and Marin County seems to have endless choices when it comes to Thai food.  Today I joined a friend for lunch at a place called Lanna Thai in San Anselmo located on the Miracle Mile.  The décor is nice and the food is good.

We started with the Salad Roll appetizer “lettuce cups filled with jicama, crispy noodles and pine-nuts all tossed in a tangy sauce”. We ordered the Sauté Eggplant which is eggplant sauteed with Thai basil in black bean sauce with Tofu. It comes with a choice of Chicken, Beef or Tofu and it cost $7.95.

We also got the Crispy Basil Chicken: Tender chicken lightly breaded and tossed with a tangy sauce and crispy Thai basil for $11.00. I was expecting it to be more chicken nugget like but it the batter was actually light, crispy and delicious! I had a Thai Iced Tea with my meal.

I LOVE Thai Iced Tea!

Lanna Thai
810 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
San Anselmo, CA 94960

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