How to cook Tara Firma Farms Chicken


Chicken from Tara Firma Farms is one of my kids’ (teenagers) favorite meals. I was asked to share the recipe, so here it is:

Sally’s Roasted Chicken*
Preheat oven to 375

Mix salt, black pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, thyme and dried parsley together.

Separate skin from the chicken and spread herb mix on chicken between the skin and the meat part.

Place chicken on an upright chicken roasting pan. I heard you can also use a beer can if you don’t have this special pan.

Spray chicken with olive oil then sprinkle some salt and herbs on the outside. Squeeze a little lemon juice over it and insert a meat thermometer. It’s important to make sure you chicken is fully cooked.  I cook my chicken to 165 – 170. (The government recommends 180 but that’s for the mass produced chickens. If you get a chicken from Tara Firma Farms, you know where it comes from, how it is handled and you know it is not mass-produced.)

Depending on the size of the chicken it usually takes an hour (more or less) to cook. I also rotate it every 15 -20 minutes to get an even crisp.

Let the chicken cool for at least 10 minutes before cutting.  The skin should be crispy and the meat juicy.

I serve with brown rice, a mixed green salad and a veggie like green beans or broccoli.

How do you cook your chicken? I’d love to hear your recipes.

*This recipe is loosely based on Leanne Ely’s Garlic Lime Chicken. I originally discovered via FlyLady years ago.

With the leftovers I made Chinese Chicken Salad for lunch the next day.
Chicken cut in small cubes, tossed with sliced almonds, sesame seeds and romaine lettuce with Comfort’s Chinese Chicken Salad dressing (from Comfort’s Cafe). You can also add green onions. Yum!

PS. You can also purchase Comfort’s salad dressing at Paradise Foods.

2 thoughts on “How to cook Tara Firma Farms Chicken

  1. SFDoug

    This sounds like a simple and delicious way to cook a good bird. One of the things I like about farm-fresh chicken is that you don’t need a lot of seasoning for it to taste good.

    As far as the beer can goes, you are correct – an open beer can — with the beer in it — makes a great chicken stand, especially on an outdoor grill. Not only does the steam from the beer help keep the chicken moist, it adds some flavor, too.

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