Magical Food in San Francisco


I think I found my favorite restaurant: Unicorn Pan Asian. Wow! This is a special occasion type of restaurant. OMG it is so good!

I’ve been walking by this place everyday and wanting to try it. The decor is amazing. It’s full of beautiful glass art. I have to admit I went here just because I liked the decor and the name, I had no idea what the food was like.

The food was amazing! We ordered the “Sea Course”. It’s $27 a person which seemed like a lot until I saw how much food they brought out and the quality of the food! The “Sea Course” comes with New Zealand Green Lip Mussells in Coconut Wasabi Cream. The Coconut Wasabi Cream is so good I kind of just wanted to drink it.

Next was the Tuna Ceviche with Green Mango, Pickled Lotus Rootlets and Basil.


The Atlantic Salmon with poached Tomato in Penang Baba Curry served with rice.

Salmon at Unicorn Restaurant in SF

For dessert we were each invited to pick one thing off of the dessert menu. We chose the Banana BonBons with Cocopine Ice Cream, Raspberry Sauce with Roasted Peanuts. The Ginger Pear poached in Port with Cinnamon-Passion Fruit Sorbet and the Warm Chocolate Torte.

After the delicious Seafood dishes I didn’t think dessert would be able to top it but… I was wrong. The dessert was exquisite! The Ginger Pear poached in Port was like something I’ve never tasted before. The Banana BonBons were crisp and amazing. The Warm Chocolate Torte was top notch chocolate. I was in food heaven that night.

This would be a great date night restaurant. I’m having trouble describing how pretty it was inside and I wasn’t able to capture the ambiance with my iPhone camera.

The name Unicorn is appropriate because the food here is magical.

Unicorn Pan Asian Cuisine
191 Pine Street
(in the Financial District between Battery and Front Streets)
San Francisco, CA

Tel: 415-982-9828

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