The One Eyed Dog


If you live in Mill Valley there’s a good chance you’ve met Annie (a.k.a. the one-eyed dog). Annie has been making her way around Mill Valley making friends for many years. Annie was also one of my hiking buddies. For a long time, Annie, Amy (Annie’s person), Poncho and I got up early every morning and went hiking for an hour.

Annie is no longer with us. I know she touched the lives of many, many people so I just wanted to give her a little space here to be remembered.

Annie was one of those dogs a book could be written about she was always getting in to something. If you knew Annie please feel free to share a story below in the comment section.

In memory of Annie. February 20,2011

4 thoughts on “The One Eyed Dog

  1. Marilyn

    Though we never met,
    I know we would have had FUN playing together!
    I know you brought so much JOY to your “people.”
    with lots of love and meows,
    Asia, the Cat.

  2. Deborah

    I’ve known Annie for many years now. Shared many a walk in Mill Valley our out at Stinson with her and her fabulous mommy Amy. Also a couple fun trips to Tahoe. Annie was a spirited pup full of love and silliness. Her connection with Amy is what stories are made of. They were kindred spirits … 2 blonds bonded for life. Her loss is felt by many and yet nothing can compare to the loss that Amy must feel with the passing of her sweet Annie. Annie will NEVER be forgotten. Amy you are in my heart and I’m sending you all my love, support and hugs. xoxo

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