How to prepare Kale Chips


Kale Chips!

My new favorite food!

I love potato chips but they are not healthy and they give me a tummy ache. I have found a wonderful substitute, kale chips!

Many people have been asking me how to make kale chips. Here goes:

The Best Kale Chips Ever!

1. Start with fresh kale (actually wilted, limp kale works just as well). I like the red kale the best but I’m not sure why they call it red, it looks purple to me. πŸ˜‰

2. Cut the stem out of the kale (save the stems for juicing, if you have a juicer).

(As you can see I use both red and green kale)

3. Cut the kale in to bigger than bite size pieces. (It shrinks when it cooks)

4. Dry any excess moisture from kale (use a towel or salad spinner). Place the kale in to a ziplock bag or plastic Rubbermaid type container (which is what I’m doing now because it’s easier to re-use the container than the bag). Put kale directly on cookie sheet.

5. Add grape-seed oil, garlic, cayenne pepper, sesame seeds, salt and pepper. (Olive oil will also work but I heard grape-seed is better for you when heated. You can add any spices you like.) Stir kale, spices and oil together on cookie sheet. Seal the bag or container and shake really well to get oil and spices evenly coated on the kale.


6. Turn broiler on low. Updated:Β  Preheat oven to 300Β°F. Put cookie sheet on middle or upper rack. Set timer and check kale in 10 minutes, stir, then check every 5 minutes until chips are almost crispy. Gently stir kale around on cookie sheet each time you check, try to keep kale in a single layer on the sheet. Kale chips are tricky and can turn on you fast* (ie. burn to smithereens).

7. When kale chips are almost crispy but still a tiny bit un-cooked turn off the oven, keep oven door closed and let them sit for awhile to finish dehydrating.

8. Remove crispy kale chips from the oven. Eat and enjoy! Please come back, leave a comment and tell me how your kale chips came out.

*Kale chips burn easily and quickly. It’s important to watch as they cook and check them often. They taste horrible when burned.


PS. Kale is good for poop. πŸ˜‰ Keeps you regular.


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14 thoughts on “How to prepare Kale Chips

  1. Suzanna Stinnett

    Ah, a kale chips recipe that makes sense! The low temp and then turning off the oven sound like exactly what I need to change. My last batch of kale chips were a disaster.
    If you don’t have a dehydrator, it’s nice to be able to use the oven.
    Thanks Sally!

  2. Marilyn LoRusso

    Sally- WOW! they are super delicious and so easy to make. I used the bag of already cut up kale from Trader Joes and took away the stem(not very many) and since the kale pieces are small I only cooked them for the first 10 minutes (in 295 degree oven), mixed them around, then another 5 minutes, mixed them around, then turned off the oven and let them sit in there for about 5-10 minutes…and…VIOLA! perfect homemade crunchy kale chips!
    Thank you sooooo much for this super yummy, easy and healthy snack recipe…The only draw back is I can’t stop eating them…
    With a lot of thanks, Marilyn

  3. Toni

    Thanks for the recipe. I bought some Kale yesterday and plan to try it. Sunset magazine also has recipes this month for Kale Chips. I guess the are the in thing.

  4. Sally_K Post author

    Yes kale chips are THE thing! Let me know how the recipe works for you. I finally got around to updating it to the way I actually make them now. It is an evolving process to perfection. New way requires less dirty containers. πŸ™‚

  5. Grace

    Our second try with Kale chips and we are hooked. What an easy way to make a tasty treat. Our first batch was a disaster, we couldn’t get the amount of oil right. This time we cheated a bit and used the spray butter for popcorn. It gives a bit of buttery flavor, while holding the spices. We can’t wait for kale to come in our Bountiful Basket again.

    Thanks Sally for sharing.

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