Where’d Sally Go?



Here I am.

You may have noticed my blogging has been slowing down. I’m sorry. I miss my blog and readers, BIG time!

It’s not that I haven’t been discovering many, many great places around the Bay Area. It’s that my life got really complicated these last few months.

I’ve stopped blogging because…

  1. My blog got hacked by an icky pharmaceutical spammy type of hack and I have not figured out how to fix it! (You might notice some unwanted links throughout some of my blog posts, or see it when you do a Google search for one of my blog posts). It makes me sad.
  2. Family has been going through some serious challenges that have turned my life upside down.
  3. My house had a MAJOR plumbing disaster a few weeks ago. (Poopy water flooded my house and created some serious damage.)
  4. I got a full time job back in September and am still adjusting to this major shift in my life after 8 years of owning my own business.
  5. I’m exhausted. The thing I hear myself say the most now is, “I’m tired.” I actually say it too much.

I’m not complaining, just wanted to let you know where I’ve been. I have big plans to come back to blogging soon. In fact, Celia got me an iPad so I can start blogging from the bus. As soon as I solve this hacking issue I plan to be back to blogging full force!

In the meantime, I’ve been posting my commute pictures over here on the Sally Around the Bay Facebook page and I’m still very active on Twitter.

PS. The place I’m dying to blog about is Charlie Hong Kong’s in Mill Valley. The food is awesome (as in tasty and organic) and the service is great and they are dog and mountain bike friendly! Matt the owner/manager went outside to give my dog a treat and some love while we were inside eating then came inside and talked mountain biking with Celia. The second time we went back Matt remembered us and came around the counter to give us a hug! 🙂


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