Gratitude for my iPhone


I went to work today and forgot my phone. Being separated from my phone for 8 hours has given me a greater appreciation of my phone.

The fact that we call iPhone’s “phones” is actually kind of funny because who actually uses the phone feature on their iPhone? I know I hardly do.

Let me count the ways as to why I love my i”Phone”

  1. it’s my camera and a darn good one thanks to the Camera+ app. Taking & sharing photos makes me happy.
  2. it’s my connection to Twitter. Talking to my Twitter friends makes me happy.
  3. it’s also my connection to Facebook and Google+ where I like to post my photos.
  4. it’s my newspaper. I read the news every morning on my iPhone via Twitter and the various news sites.
  5. it’s my Words With Friends connections. I play Words With Friends with my friends and my mom, when I remember. Most people who play Words With Friends with me get annoyed with me because I take SO long between each turn.
  6. it’s my FourSquare checkin tool. Without my phone, I can’t checkin at FourSquare and then my friends take advantage of the situation and pass me. (please note #3 in picture below)
  7. it’s my text message center. I can’t chat with my sister on my lunch break with out my iPhone.
  8. it’s where I check my personal email.
  9. it’s my calendar.
  10. it’s my notepad where I jot down movies I want to see, books I want to read, etc.

I missed my phone today.

Photo taken by @fun_master


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