Calling All Marin Restaurants


Dear Marin County Restaurants:

I am trying to decide where to plan the next TweetUp. Please help me make this decision. This is a GREAT opportunity for a local Marin restaurant to get new customers and lots of exposure. Please pass this information on to all your restaurant friends.

What does a TweetUp mean for my business?

It means I will be talking about YOUR business online to my thousands of friends, fans and followers and many of them will also start talking about YOUR business to their friends, fans and followers. (Lots of local exposure for your business.) It also means 20 – 50 (or maybe more, you never know) people will show up at your business ready to spend money. $$$ They will buy drinks, food and they will talk about YOUR restaurant to all their friends, family and followers.

A little Twitter birdy told me the media (ie. The Marin Magazine!) shhh don’t tell anyone ๐Ÿ˜‰ will be attending the next TweetUp. They will be taking pictures and introducing our community to the world, which means YOUR restaurant will likely be introduced to the world via the prestigious Marin Magazine.

When the Marin Twitter Community comes to your business it is not a one time thing. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. When we decide we love a business we support that business, we go there often, we introduce our friends to it and we talk about it on Twitter, FourSquare, Facebook, Google+, Path, Yelp, YouTube, our blogs and anywhere else people will listen to us. (We like to talk.)

If you are interested in being THE restaurant to host this next fabulous TweetUp please contact me and convince me as to why we should do it at your restaurant. Maybe you want to offer us a free appetizer or a drink. Maybe you want to purchase a month or 2 of advertising on my blog —-> see the ads over there (I offer very reasonable rates), maybe you want to give us gift cards to thank us for all the promotions, perhaps you want to donate a percentage of the profits to a worthy cause, be creative. Give us an incentive or at least a thank you for shouting about your business to the world and for bringing paying customers and the media in to your business.

If you are interested in being the next restaurant TweetUp destination, please contact me and give me a reason to coordinate this.

If we have already had a TweetUp at your restaurant, we are open to coming back – just give us a reason.

I look forward to hearing from you! Please fill out the form below, send me a tweet or email me at sally @



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PS. Join The Marin TweetUp Community to hear about upcoming TweetUps.

Thank you for passing this information on to the local restaurants in Marin.

For more information on TweetUps see past blog post: What is a TweetUp?

One thought on “Calling All Marin Restaurants

  1. Kebby

    Hello Sally,
    I have attended a couple of the tweet up’s and think it is a fabulous idea to reach out to our local restaurants asking them to join in the fun. I would like to add a twist to this idea and offer my art studio (Studio 4 Art) as a possible venue in the future. It would be fun to hang and create with the tweeters! I may even supply the wine and cheese.
    Thank you!
    Kebby McInroy

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