30 Words a Day for 30 Days and a Few Thank-Yous


I am working on a project!

Inspired by my friend Toni Carreiro I gave myself a 30 day challenge. I started my challenge on Mother’s Day. I am committing to writing 30 words a day for 30 days to kick-start my book about other mothers.

Thank you Maria Benet for the 30 days of writing idea that we brainstormed while biking yesterday.

I have gotten such a great response to my blog post about other mothers that I decided to go for it and write the book. I am verklempt with the public and private responses from friends and strangers I have been receiving in response to the post. My feelings about being an other mother seemed to resonate with all sorts of other mothers out there in the world.

Thank you Tamara Holland for this inspiring photo to help keep me focused.

Thank you Marilyn LoRusso for your positive influence in turning this book in to a celebration of other mothers.

Of course, thank you to Celia Graterol for always supporting me in whatever random thing I decide to do.

Thank you to all of my friends who are cheering me on!

From now until June 11, 2012 I will be writing at least 30 words a day. #30Words30Days



5 thoughts on “30 Words a Day for 30 Days and a Few Thank-Yous

  1. maria

    So happy to hear that you found your “groove” for this project – and that this project is an organic link in that much bigger one! Looking forward to the many wonderful ways in which it will unfold.

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