Vision Board vs. Vision Book


We’ve all heard of vision boards thanks to the movie The Secret. I always liked the idea of a vision board to help me get more visually focused on my goals but what I did not like was the blatant display of what I wanted in life. It made me feel a bit vulnerable. I didn’t want my family and guests in my home to give their opinions of my visions. I wanted my visions to be MY visions and was not interested in other people’s criticism or opinion of them.

What I used to do was make mini vision boards on construction paper.  This worked well for me because I could tuck them away in a folder of my desk and look at them in private without the peanut gallery having a say in my “woowoo” stuff. 😉

However, I have recently discovered something even BETTER and more FUN than my mini vision boards and they are called Vision Books! The vision book idea came from my friend Marilyn LoRusso who runs the Vision Book Art Workshops  in Marin County, California. She leads us through creating vision books re-using old, hard cover novels, that we alter.

Here are two of my vision books:

vision books

Tucked inside those pages are my visions and dreams wrapped up in a pretty package. Marilyn’s workshops have been so successful she is now offering an online version of her workshops, it’s actually an 8 week vision book rainbow  journey, as she calls it.

Oh and you don’t have to be “woowoo” to benefit from Marilyn’s workshops. Our local newspaper, the MarinIJ recently wrote a piece about the workshops. When I started taking the workshops I had no idea where I was going with my vision or what my vision even was. I just new I was ready for a change. A lot of wonderful things have changed in my life in the last year.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unhappy with your life, it is time to give yourself a break and take care of yourself. Creating a vision book is one way of doing this.

Click here for information about the upcoming Vision Book Workshops at Rileystreet Art in San Rafael in January!

Vision Book Your Dreams for the New Year!
Dates: Mondays, January 13, 20 & 27, 2014
Time: 2-4pm
Cost: $120 for the 3 class series
Supplies: All Supplies Included
Location: Rileystreet Art Supply, San Rafael

To reserve your space please call Marilyn at 415.816.3212 or email

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