Biggest mistake businesses make on Twitter


The biggest mistake businesses make on Twitter is: ignorance – not knowing about checking their @ messages.

TwitterBirdDear Businesses on Twitter,

You may be ignoring your customers and potential customers and not even be aware of it! I see this happen all the time!

Tip: Check your @ messages daily.

What is an @ message? An @ message is when someone is talking to or about YOU on Twitter.

Imagine you are a business with a product. A product you want to sell more of. Now imagine you have an unhappy customer and this customer is talking all sorts of nonsense about your product on Twitter and all their friends join in the conversations. Within minutes there could be hundreds or even thousands of negative posts about your product! And you could be completely unaware of all this. If you, as a business would have responded to the original tweet apologizing, and offering to make good on the product issue the whole situation of a bunch of bad PR very likely would have been avoided.

Now imagine your customers absolutely love your product. They say good things about your company and your product regularly on Twitter. After awhile they notice you are ignoring their tweets and never thanking them for their praise. They may get their feelings hurt and no longer want to shout your praises.

As a business it is important to be in the conversation. This is true across all the social media platforms but if you are on Twitter let’s start with this one simple step. Check your @ messages regularly. Here is how:

Log on to Along the very top you will see a menu that says: Home | @ Connect | # Discover | Me

Click on the @ Connect 

This is where you see all the mentions of you!

@ messages


Now reply to the individual tweets mentioning your business or product. (When you hover over the tweet, there is a little reply button to click on so you can reply to person who sent the tweet.)

Thank you,



PS. If this whole idea of social media for your business feels overwhelming or you just don’t have time to deal with it, we do offer trainings and support! Click here for more information.

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  1. TheGirl

    I definitely do not do this regularly enough (especially since I didn’t have many followers) but now I have followers, and I have to get up on that, Thanks! Btw, I saw your blog on LinkedIn and I hope you check out my website too!

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