Sunday Gratitude 2


Inspired by my Twitter friend Michelle’s (@RiteHereNow) writing prompt: I am grateful for…

12 Random Things from Southern California to Northern California I am grateful for…

My friends and family in Southern California.

Newport Beach – I love walking on that boardwalk.

Newport Beach 2013

Old friends.
(@Katpm saved this bottle of champagne I gave her 21 years ago!)

old champagne

Mi Casa Restaurant. (You have to have grown up in OC to understand this love.)

Dog friends.

Leelah dog

Gigi dog

Creative mailboxes.

Flower Mailbox So Cal

My mom taking a whirlwind 36 hour adventure with me this weekend. Started in So Cal, drove through the snowy Grapevine to No Cal, saw the Bay Bridge lights, attended a Vision Book workshop , then flew back to So Cal.

Here’s a shot of the snow off of Hwy 5 that my mom took while I was driving.

Grapevine snow hwy 5

Vision book workshop

The Bay Bridge lights. (Live cam here < Thanks @DannySkarka)

Bay Bridge lights 2013

My friends and family in Northern California.

Stinson Beach – I love walking on that beach.

Stinson Beach 2013

New friends.


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