Pope Positivity


Pope FrancisSo… we have a new Pope.

Habemus Papam!

First of all, I question my statement above. Why did I write “we” have a new pope? I am not Catholic. I was not even raised Catholic.

I guess I say “we” because this person called The Pope has a lot of influence over the society “we” live in.


I have felt a range of emotions since I heard about the new Pope.

I felt hopeful when I heard he…

  • was an intellectual Jesuit.
  • was the first Pope from South America.
  • practices what he preaches about acting the way Jesus would.
  • believes in social justice.
  • lives in an apartment and prepares his own meals.
  • gave up his chauffeur and instead takes the bus.
  • took the name Francis, the namesake of my favorite city San Francisco.

Then I did what probably millions of other people did, I googled him. That is when my heart sank. The first thing I read was, “He has described same-sex marriage as the work of the devil and a β€œdestructive attack on God’s plan.” He has also said that gay adoption is a form of discrimination against children.”

You might say, well what did you expect, a Pope who supported marriage equality? No, I did not expect a Pope who supported marriage equality but I was hoping for one who wasn’t actively preaching and working against it. (Dear World, can we please get over this issue and move on? Is my (gay) marriage really hurting the sanctity of yours? Thanks, Sally)

Then when I think about all of the child abuse that has occurred and been covered up by the leaders of this religion, I get sad. I hope this Pope will be strong enough to face the problem, acknowledge it, deal with it and hopefully put an END to it.

But… instead of focusing on the negative I am making an effort to focus on the positive.

Every Catholic I know (and I know a lot!), I like. They don’t push their religion or spirituality on me. If they have issues with my marriage, they don’t tell me. If I directly ask them how they feel about a controversial issue like my marriage they say it is not for them to decide only God knows. Many of them are doing beautiful things to help others. Yes, even though the Catholic church has done many heinous things in the name of religion and their God, they have also produced a lot of wonderful, loving, giving people.

My hope is this new leader will carry on in his support of social justice and his heart will continue to open with a focus on responsibility, justice, forgiveness, love and servitude rather than on judgement, control and coverups.

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*Pope image borrowed from abcnews.com

4 thoughts on “Pope Positivity

  1. Elisa

    Really interesting post; It’s funny that here in Italy we tend to think about the US elections as you do with the Pope, it’s almost as we ourselves were part of your own people. That’s a strange, but good feeling.
    About the Pope, I’m hopeful too: I usually prefer not to think about what has been written by, er, let’s say, very-informed-people. They tend to know it all, when asked about every single topic you can think of, you know. I think I will need to see what he will do, after all his is an important position, which requires a bit of addictional consideration. And as you said, I hope church will address to the most important matters first ( child abuse, but also a way back to their own fundamentals, as he did with his activism agains social injustice ), and hopefully leave the ones who love, no matter who, on their own. I was raised Catholic and luckily I grew up among many sincere, bright and compassionate Catholics, and also many not-so-good of course, and I can perceive the unpleasant feeling of being judged: oftentimes people tend to judge just for the sake of being reassured about their own beliefs; for them, if you are wrong, then they must be right. It’s saddening, this cheap logic, but it is almost instinctive in every single person ( me included, of course ). Remember the parable of the adulterous woman? Every single one of the judges was fairly sure that he was doing it justly and fairly, but Jesus remembered them that no one on earth has knowledge enough, or sanctity enough, to know what’s right and what’s wrong, and most importantly, to judge. Not even he himself Jesus considered high enough to do that. But apparently we all tend to forget this one passage… What can I say, be compassionate and you will be of example for many others! Don’t follow their own steps, even it is easy and even fair, sometimes. Only you can choose what and who you are: not even the God of Christianity dares to take such a step against you.
    Blessings. And sorry for my bad english and very long massage too!
    Elisa πŸ™‚

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