Sunday Gratitude and Taxes


This is my fourth Sunday of writing gratitude posts inspired by Michelle (Rite Here Now blog) who has been writing posts as a Lenten practice. I may continue writing regular weekly gratitude posts because it is helping me to put things in perspective.

This week I am grateful for taxes. Yep, taxes!

I can see you now… rolling your eyes or saying yeah right!

Let me explain…

I am grateful for taxes because…

  1. I’m done with my 2012 Tax return thanks to my super organized self employed spouse – Celia.
  2. We had to pay taxes because we had an income in 2012.  Grateful for work!
  3. We had enough money to pay our taxes.
  4. Even though filing taxes as a married couple is a pain when your marriage is only recognized in the State and not by the Feds. It reminds me that the movement towards marriage equality has come a long way baby! We still have a long way to go but at least we are going in the right direction. At least I get to file my taxes as half married and am not living in fear for my life or in fear of losing my job because of my relationship status.
  5. Property taxes – I’m grateful for my home.Taxes


Did you file your taxes yet?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude and Taxes

  1. Michelle Fave

    Taxes are in the works (on tax-lady’s desk!) and it will no doubt be an interesting week in the “politics” of Marriage Equality…may wisdom in justice, compassion and LOVE prevail!

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