Whack a Mole


I feel like a mole being whacked.

Whac a mole sepalotix


Looking for a job, trying to get new clients, writing a book…feels a bit like the game Whac-A-Mole

Each time I put myself out there I feel like the mole popping my head up and WHACK someone hits it back down.

I’m not going to let the world and it’s big, giant hammer keep me down. I’m going to keep burrowing holes and working on new ideas and popping my head up.

One of these days I’m going to pop my head up in the right place.

Thank you to my Facebook friends who helped me remember the name of this game.

Photo by Flickr user sepalotix


2 thoughts on “Whack a Mole

  1. Suzanna Stinnett

    What Maria said, and welcome to my world (marketing for work, marketing for clients, marketing for books, and writing books, good grief!), and here’s the opposite of whacks:
    Do you have a Description of Services and a rate sheet type thingy? People in BABS need you. Lots of things I sure can’t do, and there are really very few people who do what’s needed.

    From one popping-up-mole to another! Here’s to those of us who whack back!

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