Happy Monday: Attitude is Everything


Happy Monday!

How often do you actually hear people say Happy Monday!? If you hate Mondays and start thinking about, maybe even dreading Monday on Sunday it is time you try an attitude adjustment. Mondays are not going to go away. Mondays will keep coming again and again, every week, no matter how much we wish they would go away. Since you cannot change Mondays, the only thing you can change is yourself.

Here is something new to try!

Tip #3: Say: “Happy Monday!” to at least one person today.


Instead of thinking about how much you hate Mondays, try shifting your attitude. Trust me this will change your day. Say: “Happy Monday!” with a smile on your face to people you see today (the same people you usually say Happy Friday! to). Watching the expression on their faces when you enthusiastically say, “Happy Monday!” will be enough to put a smile on your face.

Please leave a comment below, telling me how people reacted.

GGbridge Feb 2012b

It’s Monday! Are you feeling overwhelmed? Check out the ABCs and 123s of Getting Stuff Done.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Monday: Attitude is Everything

  1. JC Hammond

    Happy first Monday of #Blog2013 ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually wished someone a Happy Monday before I read this, but then I was letting them know I’d published an article based on a press release they had sent out. Good press is always a good reason to have a good Monday.

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