Too Many Ads on Facebook


zen gardenAre you feeling overwhelmed with social media?

Are the ads, sponsored posts and suggested pages in your Facebook timeline driving you crazy?

Today is Theme Day at the WordCount Blogathon. The theme assignment was to list your 5 favorite apps, plugins, widgets, etc… I will be listing 1.

I recently discovered an extension for the Chrome browser that will take the ads out of your Facebook completely! Thank you Sherra Scott and Terry Green for telling me about this add-on.

Imagine the right column of Facebook just being white, no ads, no clutter. It’s so much more relaxing on the eyes to look at Facebook now. No more confusing sponsored posts and suggested pages sprinkled in to your timeline.  The add-on is called “AdBlock”. It even takes the ads out of Google searches! It makes surfing the Internet a more Zen experience.

Downside: Limits your browser use to Chrome if you want an ad-free experience. Still doesn’t solve the issue of ads showing up in your Facebook timeline on your smartphone.

Tip #5: Check out AdBlock for Google Chrome.


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One thought on “Too Many Ads on Facebook

  1. Suzanna Stinnett

    Holy adcrap Batman! I will try this immediately. As far as smartphone use goes, that is one stressor I have removed from my life. No Facebook properties whatsoever allowed on my phone. No WhatsApp, no FB Messaging, nada.

    Thanks Sally!

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