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clutter by patriotworld“When you visualize a successful CEO’s office, do you see a messy, clutter-filled office with so much paper work piled up you can’t even see the top of the desk? Or do you see a spacious, clean, simple office with an organized desk and a big, shiny workspace?

Now look around your own office and desk. Does it look like the successful CEO’s office or is it a clutter-filled mess? Schedule a few minutes at the end of each today to put back what you have taken out (i.e. files, office supplies, etc).

Mail, good old-fashioned snail mail is often the main culprit of our clutter. Look around at all those piles. When you bring in the mail each day, go straight to your recycling bin and throw away all advertisements and junk mail that does not need to be piling up on your desk. File all your bills in an A/P (accounts payable) or “Bills to Pay” folder. If there is anything else left, deal with it, delegate it, file it for later reference or dump it. The important thing is to get rid of the junk mail before it turns into a huge mountain on your desk.”

Excerpt from Managing Your Thriving Business for Success by Yvonne Weld & Sally Kuhlman

Tip #6: Use the 3D technique with snail mail: Deal with it, Delegate it or Dump it!

PS. The 3D technique also works well when dealing with email.

I need to add ‘clear the clutter off my desk’ to my to do list everyday!

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