Smartphone Sickness


Coffee_phones_Mark_Nye_flickrIs your smartphone in your hand more often than it is not?

I have family visiting from Venezuela and they made a comment, “Americans have a smartphone sickness”.

Everywhere they look people are staring at the phone in the palm of their hand and not interacting with the people around them.

Last night at a restaurant I looked around and saw what looked like a young couple, both sitting at the table silently, looking at their phones. I know I am guilty of doing the same thing.

At another table there was a family and both parents were looking at their phones ignoring their small children.

The other night Celia and I had a date night and we agreed to leave the phones in the car while went to dinner. We both had such a pleasant and relaxing time we decided to do this more often.

What do you think? Do we have a smartphone sickness?


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Photo above by flickr user Mark Nye.

One thought on “Smartphone Sickness

  1. michelle

    I’m about 3 months into smart phone sickness… and just like you described, had the night out with friends where we all started looking down at phones doing the work of documenting “fun.” So, first step it is….I am powerless over Instagram…

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