Concentrate on Showing Up


“Forget about talent, concentrate on showing up.” – Eric Maisel

This quote is pretty much my mantra and it tends to work for me. I never learned how to write properly, but I still write. Sorry to all of you grammar correcting types but sometimes you just gotta write, even if the comma is in the wrong place. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the grammar experts in a professional setting. I rely on the awesome work colleagues who review my writing before it gets published but when I am writing for fun, I really do not have the time, nor the money to pay someone to edit my writing. Contrary to popular belief, learning the rules of the English language do not come easy to some of us. Why do people accept that math, science or coding doesn’t come easy to some people but they expect everyone to understand all the rules and proper pronunciation of the English language?

<<Sorry, I got a little distracted for a moment.>>

Back to the original quote, “Forget about talent, concentrate on showing up”. Yes, talent is important but so is showing up. So many of us miss out on opportunities to share our strengths with the world because we are afraid to show up. We are afraid we might look dumb.  We seem to believe the people in charge, the big bosses have some kind of talent that we don’t. You know what those leaders have? They have the guts to show up, to make mistakes and to keep trying. They concentrate on showing up. They keep getting back in the arena.

What can you show up for?




One thought on “Concentrate on Showing Up

  1. Sruthy

    I know how you feel – I’ve had a break for nearly a year. I’m not sure why – I’m a bit busy but not relaly. I think I’ve almost outgrown it now. My blog put in me in touch with so many gorgeous people when I was a full time stay at home mum – but now that I’m working etc…I find I don’t rely on it so much. I still visit places, but I can’t find the motivation to blog myself. Anyway, enough about me. Hope you feel well soon and that you enjoy your making. Look after yourself.LxPS LOVE the caravans

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