Aging Gracefully 


Since it is my birthday month, I’ve been a bit focused on aging.  

Seems the Internet knows this about me and is sending me lots of positive messages:

Netflix suggested I watch the show Last Tango in Halifax. I’ve been watching and love it. The show is about an older couple who loved each other in high school, got separated due to a move and then reunited years later (after a lifetime of marriage, kids and grandkids) thanks to Facebook. It happens to be written by a woman named Sally and stars a woman called Celia. 

A Facebook friend (thanks Heather) shared this lovely video titled How to Age Gracefully 

Then, I read this on Instagram. (Thanks @unlockyourworlds

By the way, have you seen the mini fiction stories unfolding on Instagram? Bite-sized delicious bits of writing that are easy to chew on in a short amount of time. 

And, now I am going to head over to Twitter to see what sage wisdom that platform has to offer.

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