Nostalgic November 


November is the time of year when I often get a feeling of melancholy. 

November is when it starts getting dark early and when the weather changes. It is the month of my birthday and the start of the holiday season. And, it is the month when at the age of 17, I lost someone special to suicide

And now, the recent tragedies in Paris, Beirut and other places have brought on international mourning and Facebook insanity. (Can we please stop grief shaming?)

I am sitting here listening to the Adele station on Pandora, feeling a bit nostalgic as I observe all the November memories, thoughts and feelings bubble up. 

I have made it through 28 Novembers since that one painful and lonely one back in 1987. I will make it through this one too. 

Despite the current melancholy, I have so much to be grateful for. Each year of life seems to get better.


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