What are you focusing on?


I’m setting up a new filter in my life. It’s called the No Whining filter. I am going to run myself, my friends, my family and my Facebook feed through this filter. I’m going to make a conscious choice of what I focus on.

It is possible to change our focus (and our thoughts). We all have a choice of what we focus on. 

We can focus on our annoying in-laws, or be grateful for our loving spouse.

We can focus on shaming and judging Black Friday shoppers, or we can put our money where our mouths are and support small businesses.

We can focus on the dry turkey we ate last night, or be grateful for the food, friends and family we shared a meal with, in a warm house.

We always have a choice of where we focus our thoughts.

What are you focusing on?


One thought on “What are you focusing on?

  1. Nina Feldman

    I’m glad you’re a fan of the Flylady, Sally; I am, too. I’m trying to utlize her suggestion to set a timer and do a little bit of each onerous chore at a time, then switch to something else. Have you ever done that, and does it work for you?

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