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Marga Gomez Solo Theatre PerformerA few weeks ago, the non-profit I work at had their annual gala. This year our emcee was Marga Gomez! This made me very happy because, I love Marga Gomez! She’s smart and funny!

I first heard of Marga about 17+ years ago when a friend invited me to one of her comedy shows at Josie’s Cabaret and Juice Joint in San Francisco. Since then, I have seen many of her shows from when she is a headliner at a comedy show to her solo theatre performances.

Two weeks ago, I got the privilege of driving Marga to our event, from San Francisco to Sonoma in the pouring rain. I had a blast being stuck in traffic talking to Marga for a few hours. And now, I get to share a little window in to her world with all of you because she agreed to an interview. Thanks Marga!

Q: When did you decide or know that you were going to be a professional comedian?
I always knew. My father was a comedian and he encouraged my antics as a kid. But I am not just a comedian – my career is evenly split between stand-up comedy and performing solo theater.

Q. Do you have a “day job” in addition to being a comedian?
I am blessed to have made my living in comedy and theatre for 30 years. Not that it’s always easy. Lately I have added teaching performance classes and online performance coaching – not just to make money but because I enjoy teaching.

Q. Tell me more about your upcoming show Latin Standards?
“Latin Standards” is my 12th solo play. It’s about my father’s life as a cuban immigrant in New York City who became a popular comedian, producer, songwriter, screenwriter for the Latino community. It’s also about how my career and life choices were influenced by my dad. It plays April 1, 2, 3 at Brava in San Francisco and on April 16th and 17th at the “One For All Festival” in Hayward – All the ticketing info is on my website’s calendar

Q. Where is your favorite place to hike/bike in the Bay Area?
The great thing about San Francisco is that you can work your glutes and still be in the city. I am not a nature girl. So I’ll climb the hills of Northbeach and Bernal Heights.

Q. What is your favorite restaurant in the Bay Area?
That depends- if you’re paying I’ll pick Slanted Door ; ) If I’m paying I’ll pick Brenda’s Meat and Three.

Q. What is your favorite place to get coffee or tea?
I like Spikes at 19th off Castro. It’s been there forever. The coffee is delicious, I know good coffee being half cuban, and they sell penny candy. I like the older gay men who congregate with their dogs at the sidewalk tables. Spike’s is also next to my favorite hair salon Spunk – run by a very rad vegan lady.

Q. What is your favorite place to shop for shoes and/or clothing?
I’m a picky thrifter. (Me too!) Buffalo Exchange on Valencia always has one item that speaks my name.

Q. If you had an out of town guest coming to visit that had never been to the Bay Area where would you take them?
The Ferry building for the vibe, the view and the noshing followed by a Giants game.

Find out about Marga Gomez’s upcoming shows here:

Twitter: @MargaGomez


Instagram: @themargagomez

Here is a photo from the gala night. This photo was taken after the event, after we walked through the pouring rain, before heading back to San Francisco.

Marga Gomez and Sally_K










Thank you, Marga!

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