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I’ve noticed lately, at least around the San Francisco Bay Area, people are tired, stressed and overwhelmed. It is not always easy keeping up with the Bay Area Jones’ or just paying rent. With stress and overwhelm, sometimes comes lack of manners and consideration.


HIPstersLCWIn fact, last week my lovely colleagues and I were attending a fancy gala. We were all dressed up and heading to the event. When we arrived at the gala and were about to approach the door, an older gentleman (I’ll use this term loosely) blew past us, like literally cut us off to get to the door first. I assumed he was going to hold the door open for the four young women and myself but instead he went inside and let the door fall closed on our face. He was in too much of a hurry to notice there were five other people about to walk in to the building. As you know, I am not an old fashioned, chivalry type, but, regardless of gender, it is just good manners to hold a door open for someone.


This got me thinking… maybe we could all use a reminder to slow down, take a breath and do something nice for a fellow human or animal on this earth. Maybe start doing some intentional random acts of kindness.

There are acts of kindness opportunities all around – helping a neighbor with groceries, offering a meal, holding the door open for someone else, and even sending an encouraging letter to a co-worker are all things one can do for someone else.


I thought it would be fun share this random acts of kindness generator created by Shari’s Berries to help us remember to do more random acts of kindness. It has over 50 ideas to inspire your next good deed. Make your co workers, friends, family members and even strangers a little happier today!


What random act of kindness will you do today?


random acts of kindness generator

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