No More Toxic Talk


self talkHave you ever stopped and listened to the voice inside of you? That voice that is always running behind the scenes. The one that states you are ugly when you look in the mirror.

Or, when looking at a selfie it tells you your face has too many wrinkles;

you look too fat;

too short;

too tall;

too skinny;

too old;

your shoulders are too broad.

Sometimes it says you are stupid; I hate you, or asks why are you so dumb?

It tells you that you are not smart enough!

It never shuts up!

It feels like someone took a cassette tape or for the younger generation, someone made a playlist full of negative statements and placed it inside your head on repeat.


Lately, I’ve been a little more conscious of that voice. And I noticed just how vicious it can be!

Today I stopped and listened to it. Then I told the voice it was being really mean and hurtful. I asked it how it expected me to keep going if it was going to treat me like that all the time? I told it to please stop!

Earlier this week I was extra stressed, probably because I was tired. I was feeling down and overwhelmed. I posted something on Facebook about it and my friend suggested meditation using the Insight Timer app. Thanks to her (thank you @JennyDecki), I have been meditating every day this week. Thanks to the mediation I slowed down enough to hear my inner voice and realized I have not been being very nice to myself. In fact, I am full of toxic talk!

Time to stop the toxic talk! Every time I catch myself saying something negative, I am going to stop and rephrase the statement into a positive affirmation. For instance, if I hear myself say: I am so stupid, I will say I am so smart. If I say I hate you, I will say I love you.

I need to stop the toxic talk. We all need to. It is contagious.

Who wants to join me in stopping the toxic talk?

It will make us be nicer to ourselves.

If we are nice to ourselves, we will be nicer to others.

If we are nicer to others, imagine what a better place this world could be!

Are you in?




3 thoughts on “No More Toxic Talk

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