Renegade Museum Adventures in the Bay Area


museum hackThe Bay Area is a hotbed of culture, brilliant minds, and unique experiences. Sometimes the amount of experiences can be overwhelming, making it hard for us to choose!  If you’re looking for an activity that is the perfect combination of high energy, education, and fun, check out Museum Hack. Museum Hack is a renegade museum tour company that hosts unique museum adventures at the de Young in San Francisco. Don’t let the tour part turn you off; these tours are designed to shake up the museum and help people explore art in a totally new light.

The de Young is often referred to as “San Francisco’s Attic” because of its namesake, Michael de Young, collected things that you wouldn’t normally think of as “museum material.” Think stuffed birds, spoons, clocks and blue Chinese porcelain. This is what makes the de Young such a fabulous place for museum tours intent on uncovering juicy gossip, exciting stories, and weird objects.

Museum Hack’s tours are not for the faint of heart or those who want to silently stand in front of art, contemplate the artist’s talent and perhaps keep to themselves. The tours are fast-paced, exciting, and packed with history and fun. It’s a museum tour that will have you laughing, taking selfies and finding the coolest stuff the de Young has to offer.


Museum Hack Tours at the de Young:

Un-Highlights Tour: The de Young is the most visited art museum west of the Mississippi and this tour is full of amazing world renown objects and art. A high-energy tour to keep you entertained and learning every step of the way.

Badass Bitches: Female artists on display in museums are few and far between. So, Museum Hack takes you to art created by women who are amazing. PLUS, you’ll hear some seriously cool stories of women in art and museum history.

Beta Tours: Sounds intriguing, right? A really cool concept where they test out new guides and new content. The most recent Beta Tour at the de Young was Murder Mystery tour, how awesome is that?

VIP Tour: This is a premier museum experience at the de Young. Did someone say wine? Yes, there is wine. The VIP is a fun option for a date night or a night out with friends.

The best parts about Museum Hack Tours in San Francisco?

  1. Tours feature parts of the museum that the tour guides love: the crazy and strange things that aren’t always a focal point of museum tours.
  2. The tour guides are passionate, energetic, and LOVE museums!
  3. You’ll be in small groups so that your guide can actually modify the tour according to the group’s interests.
  4. There is never a dull moment.
  5. #Selfies with the Art.

Museum Hack has figured out how to turn these awesome museum tours into cool custom team building adventures, too.  Company tours can be planned around a regular tour or customized. Just want to do a cool museum tour with your company? They can do that. Want to focus on games and activities to promote bonding? They can build a tour around that, too. But the awesome thing about these team building tours is that they can be developed our your company’s values and histories!

Museum Hack is great option for anyone looking for a new and unique experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. You don’t have to love art or museums for that matter. These tours are designed for people who don’t like museums, so you know they have to be amazing. If you love museums, you can bet you’ll love these tour just as much as the people who don’t.

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Thanks to Museum Hack for partnering with me on this post.

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