This Spatula


This spatula and I have a long term relationship. We have been together since I was 15 years old. I believe that makes this spatula an antique. When I was 15 years old my sister was planning her wedding. She gave me the wise, sage advice of a 21-year-old to start purchasing needed household stuff now. She recommended I not wait until I getting married because filling a whole home with supplies can get expensive if you have to do it all at once. I took her advice to heart, I got a hope chest and started filling it with more than just my dreams.

Being the practical person I am, I filled my hope chest with practical things, like spatulas.

If this spatula could talk…

This spatula has lived in every home I have lived in from college roommates to my ex-fiance, to raising 3 children and all the temporary stops in between as I bumbled through life.

This spatula has flipped a lot of pancakes and arepas over the years.

This spatula has been a part of many meals made with love.


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