This little light of mine…


tulipsThis morning I was talking to my two wise wonder women friends.

We were processing together the awfulness happening in the world.

One of the wise women pointed out to us:

“There has always been awfulness in the world. Humans never used to know about it instantly and globally. I don’t think our nervous systems know how to absorb it all at this level of exposure.”

I agree.

I don’t think our nervous systems have evolved to handle all of this information. I keep thinking how this new generation of middle school aged children on up are absorbing all of this information as fast as we are without having their frontal cortex fully developed. I wonder what we humans are going to evolve into next?

There has always been good and bad in the world.  We are just way more acutely aware of the bad and we are bombarded with it nonstop. We need to make time to see the light. We need to create light. The 24/7 news alerts and social media streams have created an avalanche of traumatizing and triggering information.

I am not downplaying the atrocities of this week. My heart goes out to the Muslim community in New Zealand and all around the world. My heart goes out to the people surviving in Venezuela. My heart goes out to survivors in São Paulo. My heart goes out to the Pittsburgh synagogue survivors. My heart goes out to the Parkland community. My heart goes out to all victims of community/gun violence. My heart goes out to those dealing with racism and discrimination and living in fear. My heart goes out to those struggling with illness. My heart goes out to those who have recently lost someone. My heart goes out and out and out and out…

When I looked up from my screen this morning and looked out the window and saw blue skies, trees, flowers, and birds I was reminded of the Yin and Yang of it all. For our own self-preservation, we need to also see the good in order to gain strength to get through the bad.


Look up.

Look out.

Look around.

Spread hope and love.

Take action.

Be the light.

blue sky and trees

10 thoughts on “This little light of mine…

  1. Suzanna Stinnett

    Agreeing heartily with all you’re saying Sally. Being able to focus strongly and steadily on the good we see and on the good we want to see is a superpower. We can help each other develop this. We are. Let’s do this more.

    1. Sally_K Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! It delights me to see people old-school commenting on a blog. Thanks for always shining your light, Suzanna and encouraging me to do the same when you see mine dimming. <3

  2. Laurel

    You are an amazing human being Sally!! Life has plenty of ups and downs. I agree with your post and hope you have a fabulous weekend outdoors.

    1. Sally_K Post author

      Thank you Super Star! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Wishing you a peaceful weekend filled with lots of love and quality time.

  3. Toni Carreiro

    Love your blog post. We must remember to be grateful throughout all the chaos. I am thinking about reviving my blog. I seems like people have moved away from blogs and websites because social media and facebook made it easier and provides an instant community. I think it is time to move away from those platforms to a more real space. Social media has it’s place. Lately it feels like it is becoming over taken by greed and demons. Thanks for posting it is giving me inspiration.

    1. Sally_K Post author

      Please do revive your blog! I agree people have moved away from blogs because of social media but it seems to go hand in hand with people moving away from critical thinking and compassion. We need more lengthy, thoughtful discussion and musings in my humble opinion. And, in real space is even better. Maybe we need to revive the knitting happy hour and those of us who don’t knit can draw or something. <3

  4. Wendi Gilbert

    Thank you, Sally for the perspective that is so crucial for these times. I loved reading what you had to say and had no idea you had a blog. A lovely surprise. If every one of us can look up and look out, we have more chances to connect with our fellow man. And then…..take care of each other. Glad to know you.

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