Remembering those we lost – is it too much to handle right now?


Okay, something is bothering me and when something is bothering me what I usually do is blog about it. I don’t understand why we as a human community are not publicly mourning all the lives we have lost to COVID-19. 

chair in nature

What is it? Is it too much to handle right now?

Is it that we are all so discombobulated and stressed about the virus and the sheltering in place that we don’t have emotional room right now to process?

Is it that we are so distracted by confusing and corrupt leadership giving us conflicting messages?

I don’t know what it is but I know the loss of so many humans is HUGE. It’s a tragedy and a trauma and for the most part we all seem to be ignoring this fact. As of right now, I am reading that we have lost 285,899+ humans from this virus and 81,000+ of those people have died in the US!

CNN has set up a page where people can honor loved ones they lost. I invite you to spend a few minutes reading their stories, honoring their lives and their loved ones. You may find someone who you can relate to. I see people my age, my children’s ages (and younger), and my parent and grandparents ages. I also see people from all different backgrounds.

To me, the COVID19 virus, the loss of life, the sheltering in place is becoming a reminder that life is short. I am remembering parties I used to plan, trips I would take, friends and family I would visit, workplace banter, my favorite restaurants all things that are no longer possible. All people I may never see again. Places I may never visit again. Maybe that sounds dramatic but it is the reality for all of our fellow humans honored on this page

I don’t know what my life will look like after this time. I don’t know what my new normal will be. I do know I want to slow down and savor each moment and special human connection a little bit longer.

Let love in.

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