Time to clean up this mess


I have been bad. Since COVID-19 arrived on the scene I let some bad habits creep back into my life. Today is the day I start to clean up this mess I call myself.

I’ve been drinking too much alcohol, eating too many carbs, spending way too much time on social media and just generally feeling like crap. A little beer or wine to relax me at night and a little too much coffee the next day to wind me back up. It’s a viscous cycle that doesn’t feel good.

Up until COVID-19, I had been doing the Keto lifestyle for over a year. I had lost 10 pounds, was feeling strong and healthy and for the most part happy and clearheaded. I have not been feeling that way in awhile. I’ve gained weight, I feel bloated and am tired all the time.

In an attempt to hold myself accountable, I am announcing my plans to the world! Well, to the five of you who might read this post. πŸ™‚

Today is day 1. I started with an intermittent fast, drank a Ketones punch this morning and didn’t have my first meal until 1:30pm today. I am limiting the amount of time I spend on social media each day for work and for personal use.


I started drinking the KETO NAT punch last year when I first started Keto and they really helped me stay on track.

Most people have sticker shock when they see the price of the KETO NAT which averages out to about $6 a pop. A craft beer around here costs about $10 a pop and if you are like me you probably don’t stop at just one so you end up spending at least $20 and adding a whole bunch of calories to your belly that you don’t want. The link I am sharing is a referrer code. I am only sharing it in case you are interested in trying the drinks. I’m not making any money off of this right now but if you do purchase through my link I may get some kind of a discount or credit towards my next order. Still figuring this stuff out. πŸ™‚

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