I can feel my brain starting to work again.


I can feel my brain starting to work better. I have been making a conscious effort to spend less time on social media. I kid you not, I can feel my brain starting to function better.

brain with social media logos

Instead of having constant, scattered, anxiety ridden thoughts firing at me non-stop I am now carrying my thoughts to completion and having longer, more creative, focused and imaginative thoughts.

I have replaced my before and after work obsessive scrolling on social media time with reading and listening to books, exercising and meditating.

When I get sucked into social media and scroll, scroll, scroll besides all the lights and movement and words flashing at my brain every 2-3 seconds, my thoughts are shifting just as rapidly and I am exhausted.

After reading or listening to a book for an hour, I noticed how much calmer my brain felt and how I was able to follow thoughts for a longer stretch of time.

Have you watched the film The Social Dilemma? If not, I suggest you stop scrolling for for the next hour and a half and watch it. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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