A Bear Moment


I saw a bear yesterday. Actually, I saw two bears. A mama and a baby bear were strolling by the house I am staying in near Lake Tahoe.

My first reaction when I saw the bear and her cub was to grab my phone. I wanted to document this moment. I took my eyes off the bear to look for my phone. I couldn’t find it! I frantically looked around for it, exclaiming, “Where is my phone?!”

Then… thankfully, I woke up and snapped back in to the NOW. I looked back out at the bear and watched mama and baby turn off the street and walk back toward the trees where they disappeared into the forest.

I lost (gave away) precious time from this magical moment of observing these beautiful creatures because I was looking for my damn phone to document the moment instead of being in the moment!

How many moments have we collectively lost documenting and posting rather than being? I know I have lost far too many.

Life is short.

aspen and redwood trees in lake tahoe

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