It has been awhile…


It has been awhile since I have written a blog post. Actually, it has been awhile since I have free-written anything. I miss writing. I used to write everyday. I even wrote a book that I never published and probably never will.

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In honor of my friend Suzanna Stinnett who always, always encouraged me to keep writing and in an effort to awaken my creative brain cells, I am going to commit to writing a blog post a day for the next 10 days and see where that leads me. I will miss Suzanna’s kind and thoughtful comments that she would regularly leave on my posts.

I guess I will start with an update on my life.

I recently resigned from the job I had for the last 6 years. I loved that job, I loved our mission and the youth that we served. However, the time came for me to move on. I was there in the early days when the organization felt more like a start up, I left when we were a full on thriving nationally recognized organization focused on ending social isolation among youth and creating a culture of belonging. The org is in good hands with my many talented colleagues.

During my almost six-year stint at Beyond Differences® as the director of national programs I put my whole self and more into that role which unfortunately did not leave any time or energy for creative writing outside of the org. Now that I am not working full-time (and beyond) I have no excuse to not write. So here goes…

What am I doing now? I have decided to take the summer off from full-time employment. I worked so hard and ran so incredibly fast for the last 6 years that when I resigned I felt like I was falling and floating to nowhere. I had no idea where I was going to land. I took a leap and thankfully landed on my feet. It was a strange sensation to not be running on adrenaline and stress and always be in urgent mode. I am still adjusting to the new fantastic feeling of calmness.

I am settling into a calmer pace while enjoying the present moment and quality time with my family and friends. During this interim time, I am working as an independent consultant providing strategic communications and marketing expertise to non-profits and small businesses. I love the work and my new pace of life!

If you happen to have read this far please leave a comment below. I invite you to come back tomorrow for more rambles.

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15 thoughts on “It has been awhile…

  1. Casey H

    Thanks for writing. I’m enjoying reading. Also – selfishly, on a professional level, it’s good to know you might be available for consulting should we ever need it. 😉

  2. Sebastian

    “I am settling into a calmer pace while enjoying the present moment and quality time with my family and friends.” This matters, I love your perspective.

  3. Kristy

    So glad you’re back to writing. I love to contemplate. And your writings can feel like a contemplative conversation. I enjoy when we get to do that in person. But it’s far too few times. So these blogs, writings and check in’s are great! Look forward to seeing the less stressed but excited Sally in person soon! (No idea when, but soon! Ha ha!)

  4. Rachael

    Glad you’re taking care of yourself and I have no doubt you’ll keep making a positive contribution whatever you do. Sometimes change is exactly what we need!

  5. Cassidy

    Thoughts that become written word carry the power to change the world! Congratulations on restarting your writing engine. I look forward to seeing where this journey leads you!

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