Let’s talk about e-bikes


I have an e-bike. I am beyond grateful to my wife who encouraged me to buy one during the early days of the COVID lockdown.

I occasionally hear snarky comments about e-bikes.

First of all, I only ride a bike because I have an e-bike. If I had a regular bike I would rarely use it. I know because I had a regular bike that spent most of its life collecting dust. You see, I live up a VERY steep hill and was not physically able to ride up that hill because I am not Jack the Ultra Cyclist! Now that I have an e-bike I can ride up and down the hill and I can use my bike to go grocery shopping and run errands. And, with the price of gas these days I find myself more motivated to use my bike as a transportation vehicle.

For the record, the kind of e-bike I have is a pedal assist one which means if I don’t pedal the bike doesn’t go so I am still getting exercise and it is still difficult to go up hill but the difference is it is doable.

Now there are some folks who don’t think e-bikes should be allowed on the trails. It reminds me of the original snowboard days when skiers didn’t wan’t snowboards on the runs. It takes people awhile to get used to new things.

Today I road my bike for pleasure. I cruised around North San Pedro Road near China Camp in San Rafael and went to visit my friend who lives nearby. I scored a bag of lemons! (Thank you Mike and Vicki.) Thankfully my bike has a handy-dandy bike basket on the back so I could bring the lemons home!

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One thought on “Let’s talk about e-bikes

  1. Cathy Curtis

    I love my ebike for similar reasons! Despite what many think, you get plenty of exercise and it’s more fun. What’s wromg with having more fun??

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