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Business Brainstorming


Sally now offers Business Brainstorming Sessions!

Sally has been working with individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups for a LONG time. She specializes in working with business owners during their initial start-up phase, holding their hand until they are ready to be set free.

Often new business owners just need someone to talk to and their friends and spouses are not always the right person. When you are starting a new business you need someone who believes in you, someone you can bounce ideas off of and someone who can support you with all the nitty-gritty-behind-the-scenes work that must be done. You also need someone you can share your “crazy BIG ideas” with, someone who will not think you are crazy for wanting to soar high. And, you need someone to help keep you grounded and focused because let’s face it, you have a lot of big ideas, you are an entrepreneur. This is where Sally comes in!

Sometimes you need to do something different to see things differently.

“Thanks for all your help. To say that working with you has inspired and focused me is an understatement.” –Dana Whitaker, Opening Eyes, LLC

“Sally is an amazing strategist! She knows business and is a true maven of networking, social media and the world of words. And she’s fun! Hire her to be your brainstorming partner. You will get practical, inspirational guidance from a woman who will put your needs into focus and give darn good advice and encouragement, too!” -M.F.

Sally offers the following unique options to brainstorm, pick her brain, problem solve, plan, bounce ideas off, and get inspired:

♥ Walk-N-Talk – This one is for locals (and visitors). Energize your business and your body at the same time! Join Sally for a 1-2 hour walk (or hike) to talk about YOUR business. Blow off some steam while brainstorming business ideas.  Get off the computer, get out of the office and get inspired!

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Walking is not your thing?

Sip-N-Share – Meet for coffee, tea or your favorite beverage to talk about YOUR business. Use this time to brainstorm marketing ideas, talk about where you are stuck, figure out what to do next, uncover your full potential.

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Too busy to get out of the office or house?

Talk-N-Tell – Use the good old fashioned telephone (or Skype) to meet with Sally and reignite YOUR business.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

How does this work? Contact Sally to schedule a trial one time discounted session to see if this is the right thing for you.