People are asking me my thoughts about Roe v. Wade. My first inclination is to turn off the news, go off-the-grid and just look the other way. I can do this because I am privileged. I will never personally need to worry about having an abortion myself being a post-menopausal cis-gender-woman-who had a hysterectomy and is married to a woman. Yep, pregnancy is definitely not in the cards for me. However, these laws are not about ME.

To be honest, I am still processing my own thoughts around this. I am going attempt to avoid parroting what everyone else is already saying because that’s predictable, annoying and not helpful.

Right now what I am feeling is anger and writing from anger is usually not a good idea for me. I lash out. I want to personally attack and insult those who think different than me. That has never helped and has only added more pain to the world.

I am also filled with sadness and empathy for anyone who is pregnant right now and considering an abortion. I want to give that person a hug and apologize on behalf of the humans that have made their choice more complicated or impossible.

Okay I feel the snark are starting to sneak in so that is my cue to step off my soapbox and do some more reflection. Below is an image from the Youth Coalition that explains better than I can how to be more inclusive in our language around abortion and rights.

Want to do something and are not sure what to do? If you have the means, please consider donating to Planned Parenthood or the ACLU. If you are on the side of being anti-abortion please share with me organizations that are helping parents after the babies are born – providing diapers, food, free child-care, shelter, etc…

Edited on 6/28/22 to add: Please consider supporting the Red River Women’s Clinic. RRWC has served as North Dakota’s only clinic for over 20 years. As a state with a trigger-ban in place, North Dakota will ban abortion in 30 days now that Roe v Wade has been overturned. This clinic-contingency plan a few miles away (and across the Red River) is the best option to ensure care is not interrupted for people seeking abortions in this region. As an independent provider, they do not have the name and notoriety to fall back on for funding like national organizations will be able to.  As an “indie clinic”, they’re able to meet the unique needs of the region with the most tailored, compassionate care. Even a $5 donation will help.

#blogaday Day 10 (written on Day 11 – I missed a day – oops!)

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